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Online Marketing and Momager Consulting

 About Me:  My name is Natasha Thompkins - Williams and I have a Masters in Business and an undergraduate degree in Communications Media Studies. Over the past 15 years, my background includes; Online Marketing, Social Media Branding, Acting/ Modeling, and various sales positions. I am a mom that uses my knowledge of online marketing to support others with their marketing and business needs. Ask me how to publish a book, grow your social media presence, or provide you with Momager advice. Click here to see a history of my experience on my linked in page:   


1. Building A Brand

You will learn how to use digital marketing and social media techniques to build a brand!

2. Finding a Niche

You will learn how use marketing techniques to build your brand and research the industry.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

You will learn what to do each and every day to build the brand. 

4. Scams

You will learn about how to protect your brand and weed out any scams. 

5. Research

You will learn what to research to find networking opportunities and get noticed.

6. Results

You will learn the terminology and online etiquette to be able to build a portfolio and showcase everything.

phone call Consulting starting at $25 a hour


Call me personally to get one-on-one phone call support in any of my specialty areas including! 

  • Starting Your Branding
  • Social Media Development 
  • Web page design
  • Momaging
  • Photography / Videography
  • Modeling
  • Acting
  • Brand Ambassador 
  • Online Review Management 

Freelance Monthly social Media management $150


  • Free consultation 1 hour consultation.
  • Monthly online content creation for social media and online platforms. 
  • This includes 10+  hours of monthly support including scheduled post and community engagement. 
  • I will be strategically making the posts and working your posts. Consulting to support you with consistency and finding your target audience online.  
  • Results: You will see an increase in engagement with your followers and will learn how it is done. This is a 30-day subscription, however, please be advised that you will only see real results after 3 - 6 months.    

Momager Consulting / MOBILE MOMAGER $25 a hour


 A Momager is the combination of Mom and Manager and is a mother who spends time managing their child or other children with the show biz industry. Make your investment and allow me to invest my time into making your little star successful!

I'll support you on set or I will be you on set: 

  • Weekly consultations
  • On set guardian
  • Transportation
  • Coaching
  • Auditions-Runs
  • Consulting 
  • Content creation for online presence 
  • Styling 
  • Photo Shoot Consulting 

Schedule a 1 hour consultation today for $25!

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We’d love to help you creatively! 

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