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 Need help teaching colors or sight words? Explore the playground with Cailee as she learns colors, sight words, science, and playground safety, with a colorful surprise at the end. Cailee is a joyful girl who loves nature, adventure, and learning. You and your early learner will identify colors and sight words, as well as the five senses and playground safety. Read this picture book to your children and see how Cailee’s happy expressions get them excited to learn. 

Hi my name is Natasha, and I am the Author of The Adventures of Cailee - Cailee Goes to the Playground. I have been dedicated to the improvement of education since 2003, when I went to college for Elementary Education. I have a Child Development Associate Certification in early childhood education, a Bachelor's degree in Communications, and a Master's degree in Business Administration. Promoting literacy has always been my passion, so I wrote the Adventures of Cailee Book Series to create teachable moments for parents and educators. Thank you for your business. 

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